Friday, March 11, 2011


here's my friend who recently won some contest on Russian MTV so they transformed her into a model:) they did a weird job though, making her look older than she is, and I think she's pretty anyhow and doesn't need any contests:)

and these are just my random classmates

Sunday, March 6, 2011

concepts from "Mountain of Gems" project and some random sketches

and sketches, like me bein sick

my friend's super small car we hardly fit in

and me bein happy about rain:)

characters for my art composition class

a family of cats went out to take a family portrait from an old goat photographer
but when the bird flew out the camera they all showed their bad manners:)


here are some drawings of my friends - some asked me to draw them,

some - I just wanted to do myself

How we make claymation

all of our team being silly, but still kinda showing the technique we use for our claymation films!

advertising i did as an art-director

wow, i've done sooooo much last year!)

it's an ad for a store that sells stuff for babies

Saturday, March 5, 2011

i'm confused

i kinda don't understand, what do I press to follow people? Cause obviously, now I'm following myself for some reason.. what the heck?)

A music video we did this summer

I worked as art-director

You can watch with english subtitles, too, if you press the "cc" button!


i really liked the series, hope there will be more episodes out soon!!!:)


these guys were all rejected by the guys I worked for,

but I kinda like em more than the ones that were chosen

characters for my friend who wants to do a cartoon about a little handicapped girl